Diversity of Idea and Skill

This vehicle was designed and built by one of our Principals. A Hay stacker/ Four Wheel Drive Ranch vehicle constructed from a Ford Bronco and a Kenworth L-700 day cab.


From the re-designing of the steering and brake systems on the Ford Bronco to accommodate a "cab over engine", four wheel drive, ranch vehicle... to the fine positioning of the damper in the resonator of an outdoor xylophone to achieve perfect note tonality, our capacity to build and build well is profound. Utilizing an extremely diverse range of skills, tools, materials and systems we bring a lot to the table.

We are not just mig or tig welders, fine musical instrument builders, plasma cutters, water color artists or machinists. Nor are we just electrical engineers, or sand castors or sculptors or geologists. Additionally we are not just model builders or graphic designers or fine home builders or just car painters or screen printers or agri-scientists or businessmen or entrepreneurs or mechanical engineers but we, as a small and elite group, are all those things and much more.