The Principal


Could it be, what we are exposed to growing up?.. or perhaps, its something as mysterious as the presence of an inventor gene that makes us an innovator?

Mr. Stoddard worked for his father and his uncle at the Craig Empire Courier. It was there he became fascinated by the workings of countless machines. Like the linotype...a type setting machine that could cast in lead, lines of type like a type writer that wrote in very hot, three-dimensional slabs of metal. It seems what we are exposed to when we are young can shape least, if we are paying attention.

Interestingly, the vision to build the type setting, linotype machine was brilliant but today, the machine is ridiculously obsolete. The film camera, and the polaroid, same thing... brilliant and then obsolete.

"...We must learn everything we can about everything we can, we must share our ideas and keep a wide open mind, greeting every new idea as if it could change .....everything." (Stoddard)

"...experience the rush of riding a new idea into existence...kind of like riding a young and spirited horse... sometimes you get knocked around a little, sometimes you go like the wind....either way, it's worth it" (Stoddard)

".....There is no reason to believe we can't be extremely successful." (Stoddard)

James Stoddard

This little boy sitting atop his father's shoulders at a family reunion on 6th Street and on the left in the D & RG locomotive (above) at the Craig rail yard has been involved in business, entrepreneurism and independent thinking in the Valley for the last 34 years...he was one of 4 people who witnessed the engineer's last act of laying his coveralls over the front coupler of his locomotive discontinuing the Yampa Valley Mail service to the valley. He also attended Utah International's ground breaking ceremony for the Craig Station, Hydro electric plant in the 70's...

...Mr. Stoddard has the skills to deliver AND the loyalty to do it here.

In 1921, E.F. Stoddard, a distant relative was awarded a United States patent for a sound recording device...could innovation be genetic?.. like male pattern baldness? ... and you wonder why the photo of Mr. Stoddard was cropped so high on the forehead....