Created in response to global changes in the environment and the demand for alternative sources for energy.  West Portal Industries has stepped forward to serve its Coal Community by developing, promoting, implementing and investing in an endeavor that collaboratively puts people to work while planting the seeds of local economic diversification through innovation, recycled and molded plastics as well as light and sub-assembly manufacturing.

Through collaboration, innovative design and new product evaluation and development, new trades and industries are being cultivated and continue to evolve.  From simple metals, light manufacturing, digital process welding and simple machining to the more advanced forms of manufacturing, West Portal is driven.

Technologies that includes live jig design, 3d printing, hydraulic forming, 3d modeling, injection molding, CNC Lathe and 4-axis Mill machining as well as anodizing and the chromate treating of machined aluminum parts… all continuing to develop at West Portal Industries.