Teams / affiliations



Created to serve the Transportation Safety Industry, the Fulton Tool Company team, (A division of West Portal Industries) has developed, patented, manufactured and marketed a series of tools that make safer and more efficient the manipulation of  US DOT Highway Guardrail panels.    Marketed nationally.   More information is available at   

West Portal industries  has developed and proven its capacity to contribute to the process of specialized sub assembly manufacturing and has become a significant team player in a global manufacturing supply chain.  Proprietary components are carefully assembled and performance tested on multiple levels before they are carefully packaged and shipped off for final installation into  essential equipment that is marketed globally.

West Portal Industries has, with the addition of CNC milling and CNC Lathe machining, earned a partnership arrangement with Xometry,  A nation wide company that provides high quality machined parts on tight schedules to manufacturers and prototypers throughout the nation. 

Carbon   A team and a device, designed for all ages, patented by a West Portal Industries principal, that teaches and makes easy the process of tree seed germination.  Slated for local manufacture using recycled plastics and to be distributed nationally.   Not only a device that teaches and germinates much needed trees for the planet, the project also is an awareness campaign that teaches the value of trees in our Planet’s carbon management system.    

A lighted electrical adaptor. Imagined, developed and manufactured by a team of dedicated associates and Patented to a West Portal Industries principal, the plug lite electrical adaptor illuminates a receptacle when plugging in.  First run product was manufactured in Shenzhen, Guangdong China.  Our first product that went from prototype to product.

West Portal Industries and Hover Rail have worked together to develop and market the Max 300 installation hook.  Teamwork in design and testing has produced a tool that can revolutionize the guardrail installation and maintenance industry.