West Portal Industries

Resources and Outreach

The People at Autodesk have smiled again upon us at West Portal Industries in their awarding another grant for a year of software license of Fusion 360.  It is this software that drives the 3d printer, the CNC equipment as well as imaginations of all who work at WPI.

Protolabs is an entity that takes our 3 dimensional modeling files and builds the injection molding tooling to mold short run components for us at an affordable price.  Should our molding capacity be at our limit or should the molding process be too elaborate for our system, the Protolabs option remains at our disposal.  

The people of The Colorado State Forest Service have been a tremendous resource in “dialing in” the design characteristics mandated by Mother Nature in the Carbon Reactors Seedling starter kit project.   Through consultations and feedback from individuals at the greenhouse facility in Fort Collins, the Carbon Reactor has been designed and modified to virtually, a 100% germination success rate.

Over the past several years, West Portal Industries has been involved in bringing the robotics program to the Valley as well as contributing to the vocational education ambitions of the administration of both Moffat County Schools as well as Colorado Northwestern Community College.  With time, West Portal Industries anticipates further involvement in collaborating with the community’s vision in vocational education 

The Colorado School of Mines continues to be an invaluable resource in the advancement of West Portal Industries’ endeavors.   The CSM Capstone Senior Design Program has partnered numerous design teams of senior engineering students with a West Portal Industries staff member to dial in the technical demands and analysis in the areas of mechanical, electrical, electro-mechanical or even geothermal engineering.  The direct access to world class professors and instructors has not only benefited  WPI but the actual project experience provided to the students over the years has been equally profound.

The Moffat County Local Marketing District has stepped forward to offer support and assistance with regard to the Carbon Reactors Project with a modest marketing grant.  The Covid global pandemic put a full stop on the project that was ready for release to crowd funding in February of 2020. Momentum returns however as the project is slated for a new release date. 

The City of Craig has provided un-wavering support and encouragement to the West Portal Industries endeavor.   Two phases of a much needed Covid grant were applied for and awarded.  Additionally preparations are being made to make application for an Economic Development Grant that will cost share the acquisition of 2 new machines that will greatly advance the plastics division of West Portal Industries.