West Portal Industries

     West Portal Industries is currently working with multiple individuals who have stepped forward with ideas that have been entered into the development stage.    While not all ideas merit development, all of them are worthy of consideration.

 The Colorado School of Mines Capstone Senior design program has afforded West Portal Industries access to ‘state of the art’ engineering and technical analysis.  This double edged opportunity teaches and exposes senior engineering students to real design and client challenges while simultaneously providing the highest level of engineering to the client participants as students are counseled and advised by well certified and experienced staff.   This includes electro-mechanical engineering as well as civil and geo-science as well.  Multiple projects have been run through the program over the last several years, some proprietary to a West Portal Principal. 

Consultations with local citizens regarding the potential development of new ideas are always welcome at West Portal Industries as our access to “state of the art” engineering remains unmatched in the valley.